Artikel: A gamification framework for interaction designers

Stumbled upon the following article online: A GAMIFICATION FRAMEWORK FOR INTERACTION DESIGNERS (or as pdf)
A sound perspective on the topic; “gamification”. Most interesting quote from the article is:

In other words, make the stuff you’re building engaging so people do what you want, or think about ways to make them want the same things you want. And this is the breakthrough bit: the stuff you’re building doesn’t have to be agame to be fun or engaging—anything can be fun or engaging!

Nice to see fail- and succes examples from the suggested “ingredients to gamification”

  1. Cosmetic: adding game-like visual elements or copy (usually visual design or copy driven)
  2. Accessory: wedging in easy-to-add-on game elements, such as badges or adjacent products (usually marketing driven)
  3. Integrated: more subtle, deeply integrated elements like % complete (usually interaction design driven)
  4. Basis: making the entire offering a game (usually product driven)

Most remarkable and nice to remember in times you lost perception and priority as a designer, think:

I want you (user) to want to ….

Lees het artikel vooral door en zie ook deze artikelen over Gamification!

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