Beautifull docu on motivation of employees

I saw this documentairy while realising how much this relates to us designing games to motivate people, some mechanisms: Freedom, trust and autonomy…
Some quotes and references
Maverick! : The Success Story Behind the World’s Most Unusual Workplace” by Ricardo Semler
“Why is the businessworld not able to find ways to make people interested in their jobs?”
Ricardo Semler: “My big quest has always been to identify what it is that transforms people from someone that needs to be part of the proces in a organisation to someone who actually wants to. And when they make their own decission to do it how does that change things entirely.”
“You need to make the people feel they own the company, not just work there”
“You can be you, your work becomes part of you and you feel you are the same person at work as the person outside work at home.”
Watch the documentairy (dutch)

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  1. The main idea behind Ricardo’s leutcre (and as well as using new methodologies like agile development) is the breaking of mental models. One could also call it paradigm shift.A mental model is a set of assumptions that are used by the brain to understand reality. The more these assumptions become taken for granted, the less their logic are questioned. Take a kid for example. Every experience this kid has is followed by a surprised look in his eyes. That means every time this kid is building his own whole reality. It is the third why Ricardo mentions.As time goes by, though, the kid’s surprise is less noticeable. The kid is now creating some lenses to watch reality. These lenses quickly become the default view of the world.This is what Ricardo argues; that we lack the capacity to question the third why. And the only way to do that is by breaking with the old mental models and building new ones, which are to be questioned again and again, in a renewing cycle that results in the so called innovation.Although I am not a software developer or a user of agile development methodologies, I agree with Francisco when he brings up Ricardo’s ideas to this field. In the same way of Ricardo’s new organizational model, agile is new, is innovative, is a mental model breakthrough, and because of that it is sometimes misanderstood by those who are still living in the old times. Is it right? Is it wrong? Is it a silver bullet? Time should tell. Or maybe one should ask the oppositors of agile for precise answers ; they at least may be precisely wrong.

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