I am a feedback freak & what the future might bring

I am a fan of feedback and guidance in life… am a bit of a sucker for technology to emphasise valuable feedback in daily life, how fast I run, how much I sleep, how much I drink and eat… as a #QS-er (quantify self) always eager to get (any) data to learn from… Big Data does not scare me… but I am aware it is the little data within this ocean of data we need to find, like pearls very rare and very precious…. the more data I can get and learn from and dive into –  the more patterns I am able to recognise, and extract valuable and relevant data from….

So running around with five activity monitors on my wrist, heart and head.. I can not wait for the google glasses or future lenses to help me learn who I am, what I do, why I do it, and what I am able to change…. yes I can improve and progress every day… and this is motivational and even addictive.
These articles also write  more on this matter, in a way, and who knows when I do no longer need batteries, but will have life feedback inside my eyes or brain, to lead the desired life?
Nike versus fitbit
Gamifying your health with Google Glass: a glimpse into the future
Contact Lens Computer

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