Wordfeud saving lives?

Two older women in the train were talking with each other when I heard: “she said she was only able to cope with it thanks to Wordfeud!”. So I asked what and how. They told me a friend last her grandchild first and later her daughter, they both agreed this is NOT possible in life to have to deal with, but their friend had to cope, and managed by finding the needed distraction in Wordfeud.
Then one said there was one game of Wordfeud in which they had been talking so much  and intens via the chat, that when the game was finished, this friend said: “happy this game is over, there is some much heaviness in this chat which should be trashed now!”
Then both ladies start to talk more on how they play Wordfeud, and how they enjoy the differences in play-style, how once husband is so strategic and blaming his wife not to be strategic at all, but she prefers to play intuitively and enjoys beautiful words a lot more then a high score. They both giggle and laugh out loud about gender differences in general.
Wauw, I am impressed how the lightness of a game can turn the unbearable heaviness in life.