Serious game or serious simulation?

The discussion is made a lot… when is a game a game, and when is a simulation a simulation, or when a simulation becomes a game. Not very important to conclude on this, but always good to question… or better question, is this simulation/game nice to play, or just very serious to play, or too serious to play, but to learn from mainly?
Check the film and create your opinion, whether you want to play this game, and it’s replay value.

  1. Actually this is a serious game which is used for training. that means this game is not for replay, but to TEACH people how to do their job in a fun way. Which is exactly what a serious game is.

    1. Very true, but the ‘fun’ factor is a rich element for gaming (and serious gaming) if replay value (and fun factor) is underestimated the serious game tends to become a simulation ‘only’.

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