Xeo Design’s research on emotion in games

Article found via my Coursera Gamification course:

People play games to create moment-to-moment experiences, whether they are overcoming a difficult game challenge, seeking relieffrom every-day worries, or pursuing what Hal Barwood calls simply “the joy of figuring it out.”

“Designing deep game experiences for each key offers a different avenue to enhance the Player Experience as a whole and by refining them through play testing provides more opportunities for emotion in games.”

  1. Hard fun – Emotions from Meaningful Challenges, Strategies, and Puzzles
  2. Easy fun – Grab Attention with Ambiguity, Incompleteness, and Detail
  3. Altered States – Generate Emotion with Perception, Thought, Behavior, and Other People
  4. The People Factor – Create Opportunities for Player Competition, Cooperation, Performance, and Spectacle

Final quote: “For the game designer, the Four Keys to unlocking emotion in moment to moment game play offers new opportunities for generating emotion through player choice.”
Read the full article pdf here >>
Or the website: Xeo Design: why we play games

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