User interaction testing

Gelezen, helaas de bron kwijt!

The customer writes down a user story (in his or her own words) for each function that is required of the application. Each User Story is no more than 3 sentences long.
The User Stories are used to define the test scenario and also as the basis of the release planning.
In the release planning, iterations are defined that are no longer than 3 weeks and no shorter than 2 weeks. The iteration is the heart of the process. Each iteration has a defined objective, and it starts with the writing of the test procedure that will define the successful completion of the iteration.
After the tests are written, the coding commences and all coding is done with two programmers to a computer!
No overtime is allowed and the programmers are encouraged to rewrite the code as often as possible.
If a bug is found, it is fixed immediately and a new test is created.
All the code is group owned and the customer is involved throughout the process.
Programmers focus on the current iteration and completely disregard any functionality outside the current iteration.
Once the iteration is complete, the next iteration commences, and so on, until the final Acceptance tests, wheron the product is released.

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