Artikel op Gamasutra: “Solving Problems Between Games And Health”

Het volgende artikel brengt ter sprake wat ik graag benadruk bij deze:

“..the possibility of looking for unrecognized games that already exist in our daily lives, and applying them for a healthier lifestyle.”

“We need all of you and your expertise to bring the engagement, the fun, the satisfaction, the playing on our emotions in a healthy way, to get us to behave in ways that can really, truly, benefit our health,” Zeiger said. “We can inject the kind of creativity that you all can bring, and not make people decide to do something different and play a game, and instead meet your users where they are, and figure out how to make games more a part of our daily lives.”

Link naar het artikel op Gamasutra >>
(pdf van het artikel)
Een verwant artikel ook de moeite van het lezen waard: “Applying Positive Psychology To Games

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