Game- type/styles: Bartles or Keirsey categorisation

Interesting articles on types in gaming… I would guess to be an explorer myself…. but sometimes an achiever…
Killers: interfere with the functioning of the game world or the play experience of other players
Achievers: accumulate status tokens by beating the rules-based challenges of the game world
Explorers: discover the systems governing the operation of the game world
Socializers: form relationships with other players by telling stories within the game world
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  1. Very interesting.Not cetarin where I fall in some circumstances I get energized by debate.But, awkward social interactions (not necessarily debating) caused in large part to my presence (regardless of what exactly I did to precipitate that awkwardness) drain me more than anything.However, I great enjoy solitude. Time away from others really helps me to focus.Good post.

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