Seth is hacking Scrabble

Found on this blog >> Seth Godin describes a super fun variation to the old fashion Scrabble game. I copied his text here completely, since I love it!

Seth Godin: A Scrabble hack

It’s definitely a regular pastime of mine, and one of my favorite games. I usually play solo with the Word Master app.

The structure of the game rewards knowledge of really short words like qi and aa, but the exciting part happens when you find a seven-letter word…

The hack that would work if you’re playing in real life, with other people and actual tiles: On every turn, each player is allowed to turn one of the letters in their rack over and treat it as a blank, which could be any letter of the alphabet.

Suddenly, possibilities multiply! The number of 7 letter bingo words explodes. Instead of wrestling with 7 dependent variables, you have 6 and a wildcard.

The metaphor, as you’ve already guessed, is that every day we may have a chance to turn over one of our ‘letters’ and make it into something else, if we are brave enough.

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