Smart phones like a swiss knife

I attended Vodafone’s workshop with 4 specific (deaf, disabled, down-syndrome, old) endusers presenting their problems and wishes for the future smart phones.
I realized they felt small and insecure with their own phones, not being able to use it to it’s full powers just like most users regard their phone as a magic tool full of potential and only using 10% of that.
But your smartphone should not make you feel insecure, it should make you feel competent and safe and maybe make you curious about the opportunaties which might be inside… but you do not have to use all that because it is there.
We know the swiss knife… which owner (accept Mc Gyver and Bear Grylls) ever used all these little tools when not needed… but still we liked having them around, made us feel competent, safe, secure.
That’s what a smart phone should feel like, if it would be designed smart enough ; )

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