Happy 40th birthday to me: Trash & Treasures

When I celebrated my 40st birthday (in 2011), I decided to expose my 40 years of trash and treasures, and invited the guest to bring their trash and treasures. It was a great celebration… trash IS treasure… and I trashed loads

Check my trash&treasure expo page here >>

Watch the video…

Photos from the exposition >>
132 guests’ Trash and treasures >>
Photos of the party  >>>
(i have even more then that, ask me next time you seem me ; )

See the original invitation >>>

Outfit: Ellen en Simone soulshopping.nl
Movie: Joan schapenwolk.nl
Photographie: Patricia mediakaal.nlen Bas van der Pol
Design: Liesbeth en Rick van Parkers
Safe home and cleaning up ; ) Yvonne en Paul 

Thanks to everyone for being there, and the beautifull trash and treasures!

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