My students cheated on me!

My students at the Leiden University (a multi disciplinary the Game Hackathon course) had to write as one of the assignments a State of Play situation from their individual childhood. These little paragraphs of text were so pleasant for me to read, that I regretted that I was the only one reading these… and believed each deserved to be read by more readers.

So I designed a little game, at the evaluation afternoon with all coaches and students together, I hang up all the stories on the wall, without the authors name. And each students was handed a list of names and the number of the texts, and I asked them to find out who of their class member wrote which story… can you guess how they cheated this?

I did think of this option for them to cheat, but was wondering if they would indeed, since they would have to communicate as a collective, and give up their individual chance to win…. Us coaches had to leave the room to discuss a matter together… and then when we returned, they all did the task (which was already the first signal for me that was remarkable) and very fast I could recognise they all had exactly the same answers…. so they cheated! – when I confronted them, their first respons was: “How did you find out???” – but off-course… I know my cheating players well ; P

But I was very proud that they double played my game, and took the effort to cheat on me… plus they said to appreciate indeed reading the stories (some only) – which was my initial goal… ACHIEVED

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