Playing with animals

Last weekend of september I was invited to join the Herd of the Internet of Elephants to the Steppes Beyond 2017 Festival in the Royal Geographical Society in London to have visitors play with 6 Augmented Animals in our Safari Central app. This app is a sneak preview to introduce the 6 real animals provided by six different nature organisations to become famous in Next year’s to be launched game.
Our ideal scenario was for every visitor to get introduced to our animals while making a portret with their favourite, then to start hunt for our six AR animals we “hid” in the building. The floor mats are hints and triggers to make them come in reality.
We had a great time watching kids, families and adults interact with our animals. We learned many lessons about asking for attention for the animals, for the cause, for our app. And we learned about giving and receiving attention. That our camera and app is a great tool to attract and engage people, yet there is often an obstacle to get to a next level with each new “subject” or user in front of you, why are they there at the location, what are they looking for, how can we offer them that, of how to find out what is the best interaction and outcome for both.
It requires some empty skills to become a professional AR photographer as you can see below ; ) Everyone portrayed with an animal received a tangible photo as a souvenir.
“This is the way to make them walk and play a role in our daily life”
Steve Backshall is in da house!!!!! He really knows how to play with kids as an audience!

Comparing our reproduction of the Rhino and Ocean Sole’s Rhino, pretty accurate!

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