I love Roamler

The video explains clearly how motivating (addictive) it is to do tasks for Roamler, and another video about what Roamler is. I have been a Roamler fan since there first beta launch. It is developed very well, and once you get inside, they take every user very serious, since we users are their assets for their clients… but the business side is not what really interests me….
I feel very free to play MY GAME¬†inside Roamler, I have experience points and can level up when I work hard. My loyality is always rewarded with a personal note from people inside Roamler on my job done. They provide me with a wide variety of task or just creative assignments…. everything I do is being rewarded in various ways, and I am free to give meaning to these rewards or not. Once I wanted to invite a friend to see the app… then I needed to level up so I could give away invites, so I worked hard for it, now I do have a friend and we compare each others photos.
Sometimes I am curious about the paid tasks… they are very often already taken(done) by other players, so I am challenged often to get it done in time, and can really cycle quite a bit to take photo’s from a certain cola in the supermarket, or order a beer, take pictures to show the foam is perfect. Once their was a very specific task near my house, someone was suffering a backache and needed his boat to be emptied from water, I was happy to help out, via Roamler. Roamler has surprised me with my own loyality towards them. My curiosity is triggered full time. It is well done in so many ways, to implement game elements in a very serious business, and make people volunteer or engaged to the task that need to be done…. service thinking, system thinking, gamification, user focus, playfulness….

Roamler Experiences from Roamler on Vimeo.

Roamler explanimation from Roamler on Vimeo.

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