Turncamp festival, who are you, what do you need, and what do you bring?

The Turnclub as the aspirations to turn things around via Art.

“Therefore, in navigating a complex world, we need to be intuitive, creative, imaginative, innovative, flexible, and able to respond quickly to what is happening in the moment. Instead of having all of the answers, we learn to be comfortable in the “not knowing.” It helps to be able to see beyond the surface – to perceive beyond the obvious.”
– Alan Seale

At the festival in a beatifull location in Utrecht, Merlijn Twaalfhoven asked me to think of a creative activity plus solution to make people connect with their answers and questions, so we created a wishwall, everyone was invited to write a bit about himself, his context, his ASK and his favorite way of turning. Attached an envelop to collect all aswers and business cards for future continuation together…. 85% of participants of the festival participated to the wall.

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