Workshop “Dissecting a classic game” at Summerschool UU2014

More info on the Summerschool: Gamesandplay
Description of the workshop: “A hands-on workshop with post-its and markers for all participants to participate on how to taste and ‘cook’ a game. In this workshop, we will use a model to dissect an old known game such as Pacman and learn what are (the) game elements and how can we open the perspective and focus on a game experience in the context of play instead of taking the mechanics and dynamics only into account. What can we learn about player types and play preferences using the model and how can we validate a game by focussing on the game elements without deconstructing/destroying the overall gameplay.”
And as promised for the participants the Prezi-slides >>
Plus direct link to Game element table and Pacman dissection experiment #1
(results from the workshop by participants will soon be available here too)

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