Workshop on Sustainability issues

Partos (the Dutch membership body for organisations working in international development) invited me to do a workshop with their members and people with interest to create playful tools to engage their audience on sustainability topics (people and planet not only the green topics).

We started with a bit of theory as kick off to get them working in teams on suggested topics. Each table had a “problem-owner” someone with an ask for a solution, and others gathered up to co-create a playfull solution. During the workshop in three faces, they managed to have great conversations to frame the issues, make choices. Choose a target audience and define their goal. And all teams managed to create a tangible prototype. The presentations were limited in 3 minutes which made them be very creative and focussed- to the point. And let us not forget how mich laughter took place during this workshop. When we evaluated briefly (since nobody wanted to stop working on it and time ran out) ..All participants agreed they mad huge steps to make things concrete, and everyone learned more then expected about the potential of a solution, plus the depth of the learnings to be played around with.

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