I often have coffee or lunch at Hannie’s studio in Amsterdam, and we can talk forever about the borders and bridges between art and sciences, and ideally we also discuss crossing the borders between countries and cultures. We cross over and share our experiences, and this project Hannie was doing (next to the Nano project of course!) was the Japanse game Karuta (as part of a bigger project called Edo Sanpu 2020).

Together with Japanese artists they developed a new version of a very old game. And I am so proud to have been involved a bit, making this happen, but mostly see how they were playing the game to make the game, without knowing how are the obstacles were to overcome, crossing these cultures of Japanese traditions and rituals and ways of doing… versus the Dutch ways of doing things… a beautiful story the explained all four of them at the lunch in the public library in Amsterdam (OBA), and then… it was played!

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