Very proud to play a part in Ina Smittenberg’s book: Organitopia with the topic of applying play. I love Ina’s approch of three angle’s to make a change how we can make a change, although not at all easy to translate to English 1 “het goede” = good 2 “het ware” = true 3 “het schone” = beauty. Let us all persuade her to have it translated soon, since there is so much value in this approach!

  1. Laat mij proberen een andere vertaling te vinden:
    Schone – Grace
    Ware – Genuine
    Goede – Honest
    Ik zal het boek lezen om de kontekst beter te begrijpen, stay tuned!

  2. Hello dear Roderick and Ellis!
    What a good try to have Schone, Ware, Goede translated in English!
    I love the words Roderick came up wit, however I beg to differ :-). In the English literature I used the word BEAUTY is emphasized. Beauty as opposed to just ‘nice’ or ‘pretty’. Beauty encompasses also disruptive or disharmonious expressions that can be very impactful, whereas grace would refer to more princess-like qualities (sierlijk, or bevallig in Dutch).
    For ‘het Ware’ I prefer to use the word True, or truthful. Genuine is close, but is a more intentional word, whereas True and truth opposes Biased, False or even Bullshit and focusses on the act of thinking and distinguishing clearly. In the same line of thinking Honest is also a beautiful intentional word, in Dutch translated as ‘oprecht’ or integer, where Good in my line of thinking is about behavior as well as morality.
    So thank you for your contribution Roderick, its always nice to be invited to (re)consider the meanings I tried to convey. An English translation would be a fantastic next step, I will now more than ever consider it!

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