Play as a Basic Pathway to the self

In the magazine: “the journal of play” is a very interesting article published titled: “Play as a Basic Pathway to the Self” as an interview with Thomas S. Henricks. On e quote as an example for this article’s and persons relevance in play research:

“And the sometimes not so gentle teasing that accompanied that process was a way of toughening oneself in the face of disappointment, of being allowed to provoke those who were normally one’s superiors, and of recognizing that enduring relationships transcend moments of difficulty.”

And he ends with:

“To be sure, many play scholars are addressing these themes. Much more needs to be done to extend and align those developing knowledge bases. e world of real play is moving ahead briskly. The challenge for play studies is to keep abreast of that movement. is should be done not only for the sake of understanding but to assist persons and groups in choosing the best possibilities for their lives.”

Just to make sure, here the article as pdf

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