What Chi kung + Play have in common

For many years I’ve been following Chi kung workshops and courses from Remco Wernert at Natural Ease and this summer I followed a weekend workshop with Ole Eskildsen and it hit me, the overlapping aspects.

Chi Kung is “the dynamic of standing still” and needs thorough training before it can be understood and experienced. We need warm up practice to start with, then a very good teacher to invite us to explore and inquire what is experienced during our training. Many different exercises allow us (and our body and mind) to explore the experience. To summarise: it is about balancing energy, internal and external.

Guest Chi Kung teacher Ole Eskildsen from Denmark explained the importance of knowing what are all the ingredients, elements that exist in this field. But secondly we need to explore each element wide AND deeply, to truly understand the quality of that element before we are able to apply these. As species need delicate tasting in recipes to prepare a meal, and many diversity and tastes can be explored… same with game design. We can understand all the ingredients and build new games… but to create a good game, it requires a very delicate and more deep exploration to find the perfect balance, for a good game to be played well…..

I am learning and learning, and the more I learn, the more I know what I did not know, and might not understand at all yet….. looking forward to next lesson with Remco or Ole, or explore the elements in depths and width…

PS: in all these years of practising and learning Chi Kung, there were many more moments of recognising an overlap… how we learn physical progress and understanding by and in play… and if you ask me more, I can talk for hours…

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