What I learned this time in India

After five weeks teaching design in India my take aways in short: Looking back at what I expected before coming to Gandhinagar, was to be teaching 2 courses in game design to approx 25 students at the UID. I prepared my lessons, aligning their curriculum, using what i have been teaching before in bits and parts, but this time I intended go deeper than before by challenging my students… but… I have been challenged myself to the utmost: been teaching, talking, playing, inventing, masterclassing, workshopping and experimenting the power of play in three different Indian Design institutes #uid #uidncr #thedesignvillage with over 500 students including ±200 of teachers and faculty members six to seven days a week.

One major realisation… my students think they have only one teacher, since I am standing there in front of the room… yet I know I have had over 700 teachers last month. How lucky am I?

My advice to all players and stakes as Dutch institutes, companies and designers/teachers to engage with UID Indian institute and companies to
1- invite Indian Design Students (or teachers) to come over here and play(explore) together
2- go to India to institutes or events like the Ahmedabad Design Week, or Pune Design Events, Global Game Jam or Hyderabad Game Conference
3- conduct online workshops or meetings – go, explore and play a role, dialog!
(or dm me to continue the conversation how to maybe make things happen)

Plus: a huge thank you to everyone I was so lucky to have met!