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For over 20 years I have been developing interactive and playful products. Through my work, I learned about designing motivational and persuasive games, and have been doing research and taught people one-on-one, in classes and through lectures about how to design play for impact. Now I wish to scale that message and allow it to find its audience. I hope to reach people who are trying to share their message and teach them how to engage an audience through play and games. They will discover how play empowers the audience to participate with a topic, which creates meaningful interaction.

To get ahead of the game. Play offers a safe environment to explore, test and fail. Apply Play shares how we all play every day and how play can be used as an educational tool for all ages (prize includes shipment).
Apply Play encouraged us to think about the opportunities play offers in special primary education.” —Ate de Boer, CEO at Effectief Onderwijs
Ellis really embodies her professional mission of exploring playful living when she engages people to learn new behaviors or attitudes. Whichever subject we explore, be it refugees, health care or organisational change.” —Ina Smittenberg, author of Organitopia
Ellis made me play my life.” —Ellen van Eeden, CEO at Cybersoek, digital inclusion
As all good things come in three, so is this book divided into three parts and the reader is guided through the book as a journey, starting as a beginner, leveling up to an intermediate and ending as a master:
• Section 1 is the invitation chapter “who I am and why I play” where the reader learns why and how this book came to life, what the impact of a playful lens can bring and what it can mean for the reader.
• Section 2 “understanding play,” allows the reader to explore the phenomenon of play and what role games play in society and history. The reader will discover that play has a common language along with the different definitions and ways to understand play. Brief chapters are enriched with many examples and theories from old and new scientists from different domains.
• Section 3 is the immersion area, “How to make the magic happen,” where all the tools and methods are provided on how to make the magic happen, including how to apply play in different contexts to solve a problem, how to create new or use old games for situations or interventions.
While reading the book, the reader will be challenged to participate in and investigate the magic of play with challenges related to the chapters.
Listen chapter 1: the state of play on audio:
Extra materials from inside the book to print for hands-on play:
Download Design a game concept journey >>
Download Who am I, and what do I bring today- canvas >>
Download Team goals – canvas >>
Download Who is our player/target audience – canvas >>
Download Game Concept Design Canvas for print >>
Download Impact Canvas for print >>
Download Game elements Cheat Sheet for print >>



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