D’you know how to connect really?

We are launching the game “Open deur?!” (=open door) by Anne Frank Foundation. Together with a great team of divers expertise and Tinqwise Immersive, we created an educational game for vmbo students (age 15-18) to practice/learn listening, connecting and foster a two way dialog. The game was developed in many corona- co- creation sessions, including students and teachers. A solid and tested plan: How to integrate the game in lessons?

This project has been one of the most thorough, sensitive, cautious and detailed process in my experience, with great compliments to the Anne Franks Stichting for hosting this process in that way. One important thing to include was not only to develop and test with our target audience yet also; how to engage teachers with minimal effort and maximal outcome, has carefully been designed.

Play the game (in Dutch!) via this link: “Open deur”

See the promovideo here >>

One thing happened during testing phase: two teachers were asked to play the game in preparation and they explicitly said to NOT wish to receive any tips to play faster, yet wish to really play it all the way…. a better compliment then this is not easily received in an educational game project.

Read more publicity about this game and the approach on these websites (Dutch) Kennispunt Burgerschap >>

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