I am very very honoured for my Dutch book to be reviewed by Thomas Fondelli, he already applies play in his therapeutic practice, and got curious about applying ‘gamification’ in his practice, therefor he read and reviewed my book thoroughly for the magazine “Systeemtheoretisch bulletin” in Belgium.

Reading about his struggle reading through it, I learned about my biasses and assumptions, and I love his ambition to figure out the struggle while applying and trying it. What his conclusion in short is, is that I as a designer have more time and reason to dive deep in development of game design, while he misses that for applying gamification in an instant and delicate situation as therapy can be, on which I totally agree… and in my opinion he deserves a Game Host Mastery Award, since he clearly shows in his writing how he is exploring and playing in his daily practice.

Hear hear hear and kudos to Thomas Fondelli!

Plus a great thank you for this review! Online on the website of the “boekbespreking” >>


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