Guest blog writing on Digging Deep the art of journalling….

As a fan of the game Shadow’s Edge to help teenagers with chronic disease cope by learning and motivate to journal, I was invited by Rosemary to write a blog on “Digging Deep” on my experience being young patient.. so I started to write, and it took me several weeks to finish writing this. So many details I did not want to write about at all… but now so relieved it is done and out…. the value of expression and creating to cope, is what the game Shadow’s Edge is about. Read the story here: Digging deep: “Why was I the lucky one?” >>

I remember it well, I woke up in a hospital, almost 30 years ago now. My leg was severely fractured, my spine was broken, there was no known damage to any nerves, not yet. So, I was told to lay flat on a bed for at least four weeks, and every day my doctor came [ read more…]

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