How we can change the world while playing by Edgard Gouveia

Edgard Gouveia was at Standupinspirations #SUI46 and at TEDxAmazonia in 2010 with a great talk about gaming and it’s motivational aspect:
Touch and stick is the name of the game, and it’s is fun, fast and free! (not easy!)
More about impossible missions, resources, results and motivation to do hard things for ‘fun’.

“While playing, everyone is an entrepreneur.While playing, we all want to show,
naturally- without thinking too much,
without fear,
without too much effort,
the best version off ourselves.
When we are playing, we don’t want to stop.
It is sustainable ‘I want more, I want more, I want more’.
The scale of the global challenge we face today, is so large that there is no time for heroes, leaders, activists, governments or bosses.
We need everyone to do their best”

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