Journey to India

Thanks to several organisations as the Dutch Embassy in India, Dutch Culture and the DGA, I was invited to visit India to share knowledge on game design and development. From that amazing trip, I got in contact with great people and the journey grew larger and bigger…. last year I got invited as board member at the School of Design at UPES University in Dehradun, India.

Last few months I have been teaching game design online with students, gave lectures and many more online events to talk about design in general. This has been a great learning experience, and I can not wait to continue this journey, since India has so much to offer to the rest of the world, the culture, the nature, the contrasts… really ALL aspects to find out how to solve wicked (global) matters, are present in India.

One thing I learned is the term Jugaad… it is an inventive way of finding a (fast) solution to an urgent matter…. I noticed it everywhere and an grateful to have had the opportunity to talk with several people about this special talent.

Interviewed by Indian media at the game developers conference in Hyderabad

Some of the results of the students (in teams) in just 4 weeks developing a serious game for impact:

the Workshop I conducted at the conference
the advisory board of the School of Design at UPES University

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