Learning is intrinsically motivating – my experience at Regina Coeli, the ‘nuns’ in Vught.

I went to Regina Coeli to improve my English writing and speaking so I would feel more confident in future. After the first day studying I realised suddenly, that I am always advocating that playing a game enhances learning, but I was not playing a game in this course at all… so the second day i decided to start the experiment… I would create a magic circle around me for that week, i wanted to be the best student they had ever! And my teachers would be my opponents, competitors, collaboraters….
So I am really receiving tools, tips and tricks every hour today and am being educated on how to use these tools in future, nevertheless I have started to worry  whether I am able to apply these in the future. It seems I need to unlearn first to be able to  apply what I have learned today  in order to write and speak English properly.
Funnily enough I realize right now that this text is full of íng-words’ while I have learned today that one of my habits is using íng-words’ wrongly too often, and rarely using the ‘ly-words’. But I still think it is correct for now, since this text has been written exceptionally temporarily and is about now. I hope my English future will be without the íng’ including the ‘ly’ for instance: I speak English fluently and will have learned that perfectly at Regina Coelhi.
I  am enjoying this state of learning very much. I feel adrenaline all over, as if I am a child waiting to unwrap the gifts on X-mas morning. I am very excited and surprised about this excitement. But I am guessing now (that) it is linked to my research on play and gaming. I am very much in a magic circle and playing with the English language, life is a game if you choose it to be!
Rewards, achievements, bonuses, status, corporation, competition, fun, challenge, levelling up, virtuality all game elements were all available (once I decided to see them that way) for me to enhance my own motivation easily.
I wish to thank Regina Coeli for the double way learning experience!

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