My Quantified body

When I turned 40 in 2011, I celebrated this with a big party including an exhibition about many things I needed to get rid off. Theme was: Trash & Treasures and I invited all the guests before coming to think what they wish to trash and what to treasure forever  (see these here). Myself I presented 9 trash & 9 treasures.
My body was one: Now 5 years later only I realise this was a Quantify Self (QS) project, I have been counting my scares and all damages which needed professional treatment… they are not few;
quantifiedself“I often wished to TRASH my body because;

  • it was broken so very often, and I experienced a lot of physical pain in my life.
  • I wished I could do so much more with this body, but it felt not capable or competent enough.
  • I was so often not happy with how my body looked, to big, to fat, to tall…”

“This body is also my TREASURE because;

  • it healed so amazingly from so many and heavy injuries.
  • it’s resilience amazed me and others so often. The incredible impact it endured more then once!
  • this body managed to warn me when I was mentally stressed, and it helped me cope with life.
  • my body is so much of what I am and have been.”
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