Research on gamification

I found an extremly interesting review-article on the ever expanding discussion on “Gamification”, hope we can end this discussion and create some proper gamification now… ; )

Based on our research, we propose a definition of  “gamification” as the use of game design elements in non-game contexts.

“In the field of game studies, “gamification” can be seen as but one further outgrowth of the repurposing and extension of games
beyond entertainment in the private home.”
Another great quote from this article;

On the broadest scale, media scholars observe a “ludification of
culture”. With their increasing ubiquity, adoption and
institutionalization in the past three decades, they argue that video
games have become a cultural medium and source of formative
experiences on a par with literature, movies, or television in
earlier generations. Technologies, tropes, references and
metaphors, mindsets and practices flowing from games
increasingly suffuse society and everyday life, most notably
playful identities and playful media practices.

Link to the article: From Game Design Elements to Gamefulness:  Defining “Gamification”

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