Serious series

For years I have been annoyed with the term “Serious games” since the word is contradicting what it intends to be…. playful learning in the widest meaning…. But just to make a point: I have been watching several serious series on Netflix which I believe are highly educational (plus entertaining 😉

  • Riding a unicorn (about creating an educational technologic tool, user research, impact and entrepreneurship, including ethics!)
  • The billion dollar code (about having a great idea, developing, pivoting and learning how the world turns, ethics matters inc.)
  • Shameless (us or uk version) – brings fresh perspectives, including societal ethics and how to open/have a dialog on taboos
  • Tetris (movie not a series) – play the business game, including global culture matters, and ethical dilemma’s
  • Noclip Videogames – multiple episdes on the making of.. games
  • Death of a game – episodes about games’ lifejourneys

…talking about seriousness, learn what Johan Huizinga wrote about it last century: “Summing up the formal characteristics of play we might call it a. free activity standing quite consciously outside “ordinary” life as. being “not serious,” but at the same time absorbing the player in- tensely and utterly.”