Zengames as the new drugs?

Zengames are the new hot topic, this Dutch Newspaper wrote about the upcoming trend.
For myself… all my games are in a way to meditate… to take my mind of from thinking, I love to play puzzles, casual games. Candy Crush is for me very relaxing, however for some it might be an adrenaline kick. (My brother even played Candy crush while suffering a head concussion, he was not able to read or watch television, but Candy crush soothed his mental state and helped him deal with the time passing while recovering). Other Mindsetting games are: “flow, flower en journey“. On Bio feedback games I am testing/playing Wild divine and Neurosky and Mindgames from Dreams of Danu. I am very curious about Paladin’s Laka game.
And offcourse I am “playing” with my new W/ME wristband, which challenges me to do breathing exercises regularly. And the Azumio stress measurement on my Iphone is running overtime, Stress tips another option… but these apps are not motivational to be loyal too…. bit more game-mechanics would help me as a user to be more commited to my stress (or not-stress) ; P
The dutch newspaper article about Zen gaming can be read here >>

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