30 years of climbing!

[photo by axisroundedges.com] I am celebrating my 30 years anniversary of sport-climbing experience!!! I can not believe it myself, how I managed to spent soo many hours climbing in my life, for soo many years! In that time I have seen many fresh climbers develop their skills from newbee to mastery level (even to world championships). I also have followed many trainings and even have given trainings and introductions to climbing.

The act of climbing is very similar to a playing a game, there are constraints and rules (mostly gravity, friction, weakness). Within these limitations you learn and develop ways to overcome the obstacles to reach the top, you gain skills and learn new strategies, get insights and progress with every movement you do and route you achieve. Progress is a constant levelling up. New, other, better and more challenges are always available to engage in.

As a climber you learn (by trial & error) how to relate to the wall you are facing. While climbing seems an individual activity, the social interaction is much bigger then expected, people who are at a very high skilled level, continue to learn from watching the intermediate or beginner climbers, it is the complex combination of strength, stamina, endurance, technics, agility, dynamic or static, flexibility, cleverness, mental focus and coping with fear which makes climbing such a rare intrinsically motivated sport. And the space to jump between all these variations of competencies to progress in, makes it such a rich sport to do. and of-course, the required mindfulness helps cope with life in general, it is simply impossible to stress about work or stuff when climbing, it requires 100% focus. Not to forget the activity of building routes for others is again another level to engage into the act of climbing, or just interacting with others on climbing… I just hope I will be able to continue (30 more?) years climbing…

Curious? see some old video about climbing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fxFEr6b74Y

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