Ørebrö + happy health

This summer month August I was invited to talk about plus assist in a workshop on healthy aging. Loved being in Sweden for three days, and learn how the quality of life in general feels so high, people have time for each other, are more then kind, and nature is amazingly beautiful! A week later I was explaining this to a person from Istanbul, and he said: “You from the Netherlands and are saying this about Sweden?” – yes, all is relative, I guess ; )

My presentation was about applying play in elderly care, how to allow and enable agency using play as a tool, plenty of examples to talk about, and off-course I have been talking about my mothers situation, how we play daily to connect, fingers crossed this will continue…

Plus I was so lucky to have brought material from the project Up! which appeared a perfect match contentwise.

The group of ±20 really did amazingly well on progressing through all the design thinking steps, to finally create a plan to approach. Some of these will soon come to Holland and see what we do and did here on the same topics of making a change in Health care! will be continued…

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