This is how I do it!

A co-creation process (during CoviD lock downs) including health experts plus clients who are coping with an impact in life (brain damage or physical trauma). The end-result after 8 months collaborating and development (including testing and iterations) we developed a playful journal/diary, 15 postcards titled: ‘zo doe ik het’ (this is how I do it), plus publications with several activating and reflective challenges in several magazines (specific targetted on the targetgroups) and a report on the co-creation process, the obstacles and successes.

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DEVELOPED together with: @tolbrugrevalidatie + @hannievandenbergh + @rehab_academy + @inge_vuijk + @judithzadoks en Coen Vuijk. Financial support by the #agisinnovatiefonds#socialimpact #socialdesign #cocreation #inclusivedesign #socialproject

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