Do not fool (with) me!

Recently a countdown was added to the traffic lights for cyclists in Amsterdam. I was rather intrigued, it DID change my behaviour as a cyclist; to be patient and wait for the light to turn green!
But see  how they changed the interaction recently in this video >> [ counting down is stopped at ‘5 seconds’ then suddenly it switches to zero ! ] 10-9-8-7-6-5-.-.-.-???
I feel violently maltreated and disrespectfull being fooled! As if I can not count? Why have me waiting and freeze these last five seconds for an indefinite timing? WHY?
Since noticing this, I feel even more rebellious and ignore the traffic light…. it used to be a game rule agreed upon…. when green I go, when red I wait. When I go in red, it is my own responsibility to risk my life…. the countdown was installed to invite me and motivate me again to commit to the rules, to remind me and involve me in this rule being time based… I respected that a lot, but this respect has been violated heavily, and I distrust the one making the rules again… so I no longer commit to the rules, and I will break the magic circle of the traffic game from now on…
[traffic is a game, many rules, many players, lot’s of meaning and commitment… trust, safety and freedom are most relevant properties in the magic game circle, as are in traffic ; ]

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