Nice encounters of the innovative kind…at busstop

I was waiting for the bus while reading a newspaper. Normally I do not appreciate other people reading along, but now one from the group of 11 young children at the age of 7 pointed to a photo in my newspaper and asked me what it was… I explained to him it was a stranded sperm fish on a Dutch beach this week. All children’s focus was on my newspaper and vivid conversations started, some mentioned to have seen about the news on the television. Then another child, while trying to read out loud asks: “what is, protocol?”.
All children quite and focus at me awaiting…. I looked up a bit puzzled, and the lady supervising this group looks at me amused and encouraging. then I explain a protocol is a sequence of actions for a specific problem, which are agreed upon from experience… then all children start to come with al different solutions to the fish problem, discussing, the weight, the size, the conditions… in just three minutes time, they invented a sperm fish ambulance, an helicopter, an fish rescue army, survival kits or shower systems to keep the fish alive or back in the sea.
I am impressed with the flexibility and capacity once again from our youth, in the right context, with the right question and input… they are extremely innovative, inventive, creative and dedicated!
Why do we not use this thinking power more often and effective?… have ten of these genius brains enter for ten minutes only to an MT meeting while dealing with heavy problems… and see what solutions might deal with crisis’s and such.


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