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Beginning of this month I was invited to give a Lecture.nl at InsingerGilissen about play and the impact of play. There was great interaction and many questions were asked, one question is sticking with me since then…. “how do you balance reward and punishment in game design?” …. in that moment i answered that that is exactly one of the hard things to do, first based on assumptions, then tested with players, to find the sweet spot or perfect balancing of both opposites, and ideally an adaptive balance, depending on the players activity, background and preferences…

But thinking more deeply, I realise that it is even up to the player to balance his desire and disliking of rewards and punishments, we can not know when we violated his boundaries, yet we can create rules and gameplay mechanics that challenge those boundaries, to invite the player to explore his own sweet spot… and is this spot fixed or does it move… this ability to move it… that is actually the growth mindset being developped. And in this exploration, personal and creative leadership is being developped.
two years ago i was so privileged to be working at the ING bank for an innovation department and have been working with people from private banking plus wholesale banking. A new world opened for me, new dynamics and mechanics that i had never seen before. I am so blessed to be wandering and wondering around these different environments temporarily and get to see some of the ways, the inhabitants and the implications in society… looking forward to my next financial adventure #seriousaboutplay

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