Bridging art & the audience

Invited by The Village at DEPO in Istanbul november 2018; a great weekend with two workshops using a playful proces and elements to elicit the dialog.
This was the workshop invite to participants:

How to build bridges between the art (makers) + audience
Currently world wide, games are being played on smart phones by a wide/huge audience, young & old play together, borders are easily being crossed. What can we learn about games and game design; how an audience is being reached, or how the audience find their way to interact, connect en engage to this artefact. What lessons can we derive and apply to other art forms, to close the gap between art and it’s spectator or art consumer, can we invite anyone to immerse with a painting, interactive installation, performance art, AR or VR, and other new media. In this workshop participants can bring cases in about good and bad practices of these bridges, or good questions. A facilitated and guided playful journey will bring us in groups together to possible solutions, questions and dialog. Easthetics, dynamics and mechanics will play a role during the hands-on workshop, not only examples and theory will be shown, but participants will get to work in teams.
And indeed the teams works hard, great discussions about art, the meaning of art, the purpose to persuade non art lovers to appreciate art-or not, Devil’s advocates, genderbenders… all played a role during these both beautiful workshops.

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