greatest talk ever: the ONE academy

on my trip to Asia, from India to Indonesia via Malaysia, I got to experiment my own playfulness, or my personal playfulness got challenged is a better way to express what happened. After speaking about play in Kuala lumpur at #improv (thanks to Allison Yap) – I was invited by some participants to come and talk at the One academy. I challenged (or dared) the students (plus teachers, coaches and even parents attended, by the way!) to ask complex questions… and before I knew it, I was being played by role playing challenges, we had a great interactive session, and the message of using a playful mind came across. I could not be more proud about these individuals and intrigued with this institute. Weeks later I coincidentally bumped on this website that described the workshop, and I am grateful to be “heard” and “seen” so well ; )

Regretfully I am not able to create a pdf, so here is the link, and just to be sure I copied all text in this file: In Game Wonderland with Ellis Bartholomeus

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