Play in Kuala Lumpur

While visiting old friends and colleagues at WHW& associates in Kuala Lumpur, I was so lucky that Allie Hill arranged an event for me to talk about Apply Play in Improv Bistro surrounded by beautiful art, we had a great conversation about applying play, Allie was the perfect host facilitating the dialog, introducing me to the audience with a story dated back 25 years ago, when we met at William Harold Wong’s studio, how he already showed us mastery in gamification. When we as young designers showed him our work, and he said: “interesting, but just not there YET..!”… so we got motivated to get back to our desk and improve our work…..

The complete evening was full of great questions, dialog and conversation, like the mother bringing her teenager son along, to learn how to motivate him for the things he should be doing instead the gaming he wants to do full time… how the can connect again. I congratulated here for coming together to an event like this, to open the dialog on play.

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