Oh, How I love threes & trees

I am very fond of threes, how they stand and how divers they are, and what they most have seen while growing for so many years, being there on the same spot. That, and many more reasons made me decide to build my logo with threes, since I believe many stories and adventures can be told with the image and analogies of threes.

Then I also realised as a researcher, that I love many theories which are about a threesome or combinations of elements of tree.
For instance:

ps But the most funny realisation recently was this: I wrote a book, and Darcie Goodwin, helping me with this, discovered that I am constantly describing things in threes, I can’t help finding xtra synonyms, since I feel not one word covers what I try to express, so I put three words, to diversify in the hope to be more accurate… which I am not off-course, so I am learning to let go in writing, and in life actually.
Oh how i love three and trees ; P
Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 21.32.56

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