Vitamine P, a puzzle a day keeps the doctor away

With I worked from 2005 till 2010 on Vitamine P, a concept for a social communitysite for elderly to play daily puzzles together.

Concept trailer >>
Designing for elderly presentation at Design by fire cafe >>
Presentation design for elderly (Prezi)
Community testblog >>
The concept and it’s proces in Prezi >>
The puzzle factory backend >>
Complete overview (dutch) >>

All puzzles can be viewed being played on you tube >>
Movies and screencaptures of the puzzles:
The puzzles form this concept are currently integrated in as puzzle-snacks.
spel16 spel15 spel14 spel13 spel12 spel11 spel10 spel9 spel8 spel7 spel6 spel5 spel4 spel3 spel2 spel1
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