Who are the real winners in the status game?

spoiler-alert !
“The great consolation of the game is that it’s not final victory we should seek in order to be happy, but simple, humble progress: the never-ending pleasure of moving in the right direction. Nobody wins the status game. They’re not supposed to. The meaning of life is not to win, it’s to play.”from this Guardian article >>

Even though I might be spoiling the fun of reading the full article by quoting the end, I think this is very much spot on, and worth reading again and again in different context, as is in this article about status… please do read this article “We all play the status game, but who are the real winners?” — by Will Storr, published by William Collins >> PDF)Weallplaythestatusgamebut_TheGuardian

on more quote from that article for the road: “Whether we’re yam growers, tech wizards or conspiracy theorists, we’re hardwired to play the status game. But success is not always what it seems”

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