welcome, i am ellis and this my playground

this is my personal library on the topic of play what I’ve learnt so far and still am mischievously exploring… – ellis

This is how I do it!

A co-creation process (during CoviD lock downs) including health experts plus clients who are coping with an impact in life (brain damage or physical trauma). The end-result after 8 months collaborating and…

Games for change G4C2021 festival!

Games for change G4C2021 festival!

I was so lucky to be invited to speak at #G4C2021 (Games for Change) Festival about the project I did with Oxfam in Somalië. How to cross borders, or how to find…
Bookreview Thomas Fondelli


I am very very honoured for my Dutch book to be reviewed by Thomas Fondelli, he already applies play in his therapeutic practice, and got curious about applying ‘gamification’ in his practice,…

D’you know how to connect really?

We are launching the game “Open deur?!” (=open door) by Anne Frank Foundation. Together with a great team of divers expertise and Tinqwise Immersive, we created an educational game for vmbo students…